General Rules

General Rules

Rules Revised 5/22/97

1. D.Y.H.A. General Rules will not supersede U.S.A. or Mass.Hockey Rules.

2. Players must be registered with the Player Representative to qualify for any program within D.Y.H.A..

a.) Membership in the Association shall be open to all youthsof good character.

b.) Verification of birth date will be required.

c.) Registrants must be residents of Danvers. Outside residents must fulfill National Governing Program Waiver requirements.

d.) The President may perform the duties of the Player Representative in the Player Reps. absence.

3. Registration fees will be paid at time of registration.

a.) Treasurer must clear all registrations before registration is final.

b.) All late registrants and players that missed tryouts will beassigned by a committee of the head coaches and player rep.of that division.

4. Parents will be presented with a billing schedule relative to the program in which their child is skating. This billing schedule must be adhered to. If not adhered to or other arrangements made, the youth will not be permitted to skate.

5. Financial adjustments must be cleared by the treasurer and the President.

6. Rosters, including alternates, shall be frozen as of the dateset by U.S.A. Hockey.

a.) A youth may be removed for safety reasons, but only by approval of the Coach, Player Rep. and the President.

b.) Major disciplinary or personal problems to be handled by the Coach, Player Rep. and President.

c.) After 2 unauthorized absences of skating sessions the Coach may notify the Player Rep. for parental / guardiancommunication prior to the third unauthorized absence,following which the youth may be dropped from the program.

d.) The final roster of each team shall consist ideally of 13 Players and no more than 2 Goalies with all players being equally distributed among all teams. Exceptions must bebrought to the Player Rep. and President.

e) After rosters are frozen, coaches must select fill-ins from ateam equal to or the next lower level team. Exceptions must be brought to the Player Rep. and President. The coach requesting the fill in must contact the fill in players head coach to obtain the player.

7. If a youth voluntarily quits a team after Dec. 1, he may not participate in the D.Y.H.A. program until assigned by the Board of Directors

8. Any request for a player to be rostered out of a U.S.A.Hockey age classification must be approved by the Board of Directors.

9. The D.Y.H.A. is not responsible to provide transportation to or from the programs.

a.) The coach is not responsible to provide transportation.

b.) It is the parents responsibility to arrange transportation fortheir child.

c.) A parent or adult designee will be present at all games andpractices.

10. A Director of coaches shall be appointed by the President and coordinate coaches development.

11. The Head coach shall have a parents meeting, to go overrules and regulations at the beginning of each season.

12. The Head coach may, at his discretion, suspend a player for a game or part of a game for the following reasons:

a.) Tardiness--- arrival time to be set by the coach.(1/2 hour before game ......etc.)

b.) An absence without advanced notification from the parent.

c.) Discipline reasons.

d.) Fighting

e.) Unsportsman like conduct.

f.) Chronic absences will be dealt with on an individual basis.

13. All game misconducts must be reported by the head coach to the U.S.A. Hockey rep. within 24 hours of the infraction.

14. Team managers must turn in game sheets to the rep at the monthly meeting.

15. Only appointed coaches and managers of the team will be allowed on the ice or bench at games and practices.a.) Only IMR'd members or prospective members (application in process) will be allowed to perform coaching, managerial or instructional duties. Members must meet all Mass. and U.S.A.Hockey regulations.b.) Substitute coaches to be approved by the coaches selection committee.c.) D.Y.H.A.. youths may be asked to perform instructional duties or officiating duties.

16. The D.Y.H.A.. recommends a physical for all youths skating in a D.Y.H.A.. program.The program may after any known medical absence or medical condition require a youth to obtain a medical release fromhis/her physician.The parent is ultimately responsible for determining that theplayer is physically able to participate.

17. A youth will be rostered to one team only within the program.

18. The Executive board & U.S.A. hockey rep. may authorize are quested transfer out of the program.

19. D.Y.H.A. will cover all District play down final game costs,and State Tournament game costs. If a team progresses to the National Tournament, D.Y.H.A. will assume rostered team member costs associated with the tournament. (I.E. Food,lodging, transportation and tournament entry fees).

20. All non- scheduled ice time must be reported to the ice coordinator. The coach or manager must state the method of payment.

21. A coach with a team that might be in conflict with M.I.A.A.Rule 19, Must explain to the youths and their parents the problems they may encounter if they break the rule. ANY YOUTH PLAYING ON ANY TEAM WILL BE EXPECTED TO PAY THE FULL AMOUNT REGARDLESS OF CONFLICT WITH RULE19.

22. The President will maintain copies of Job descriptions.

23. All procedures developed by the D.Y.H.A. must be followedby the coaches.

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